Best Thematic slots in 2021

Bounty Raid Slot Game

The great periods in history have given rise to some of the most sought-after slot machine themes. No developer has missed the creative possibilities offered by the corridors of Time. Some games are real nuggets, such as the excellent Montezuma, published by Scientific Games, which takes us back to the time of the Aztecs.

Back to the ancient times

At the top of the list of these returns to the past is the dominance of ancient Rome and ancient Egypt. With Caesar’s Empire and Spartacus Gladiator of Rome,WMS and RTG respectively offered us nice moments of play just like Aritocrat and its Queen of the Nile.

Rather adventurous?

Jungle, lost city and lush forest, dozens of other games will delight the explorer in you, including Crazy Jungle from Top Games

Some exotic slots

Besides, we generally find a bit of magic here, a bit of Las Vegas there, for the amateurs of exotic slots but not too much. However, there is a world beyond the traditional fruit and diamond themes. A multitude of universes that developers are constantly exploiting more and more.

The rise of popular culture

Who has never been touched by a particular film, series or piece of music for any reason? Pop culture accompanies us on a daily basis. Combined with the slot machine industry, it promises to offer gamers great gaming experiences and Microgaming understands that. Its version of The Lord of the Rings faithfully reproduces the characters from the saga and plunges you into the heart of the County to the far reaches of Middle-earth, against the backdrop of the original soundtrack.

3d Themes

Virtually every successful film has now been adapted into a game. There is no Iron Man, Ghostbusters or Jurassic Park that now has its equivalent in physical or virtual casinos. Join the ranks of the Alliance in the final battle against Darth Vader (IGT) or play in the enchanted castle of Beauty and the Beast (Yggdrasil)! The movies, with their army of fans, are a great asset for developers and casinos alike. So they ride the wave of success, and it works.


The same goes for popular series. Game of Thrones (Microgaming), South Park (NetEnt) or Star Trek (IGT) are found all in surprising animations and real-life excerpts, among dozens of other references. There is no doubt that fans will find something to their liking. In these extensive game catalogs, comic books and their superheroes are not to be outdone and players can now fight alongside Batman, X-Men or Avengers, to name but a few.

Music all way down

Finally, the musicians will join the biggest international stars for rhythmic and visually very successful games. On the WMS Kiss machine, you’ll recognize the main tracks of the iconic rock band in every spin and you’ll have access to concert clips in every bonus round, while NetEnt’s Gun’s N Roses allows players to compose their own playlist.

Bonus: Themes that speak to everyone

Beyond the successful franchises that are generating millions of players and millions in profits, the casino industry covers virtually every imaginable theme. From fantasy worlds to horror games to animals, travel or sports, there will always be a theme that will speak to a player. While some will only be convinced by the jackpot offered, many others will gladly turn to the game that will offer them the experience that best suits their tastes and memories.

Playtech’s Easter Surprise or Mircrogaming’s Deck the Halls Christmas, like all the titles inspired by the different seasons, also have serious arguments to seduce their audience.

Faced with consumers who are constantly looking for new experiences, theme slots are a great way to meet expectations and diversify their offer. More attractive, more entertaining and more personal, they allow you to escape for a short moment without forgetting what they are based on: putting fabulous sums of money at stake!

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